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Vision and mission

We Care. We Heal. We Grow. Together.

We Care
Our western society is highly individualized. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we live in even more isolation from each other. More than ever we realize how much we need to connect with others and need a sense of belonging. Van Der Boom Online aims to connect people online.

We Care. Together.  

We Heal
People worldwide are going through a very difficult period. We are dealing with isolation, loss, fear, stress, tension and uncertainty. By sharing these difficulties and supporting each other under the guidance of a therapist, healing takes place.

We Heal. Together.

We Grow
When we go through difficult times together, we grow as a person, the growth happens in connection with the other. This is the power of vulnerability, the power of connection. When we relate, mirror and learn from each other, we give each other food to grow.

We Grow. Together.